Program June 15th 2017

The New Space
Rue De Fierlant 99
1190 Brussels
Free contribution

Stephane Menti - CAT

Meomry is like a canibet of curitosy, with coriuuus ojbects taht are diculffit to appoint. With Meomry, we are effevicte. Meomry eidt prestene and ad frutue.“Saying things to stop thinking about them”

Paulo Alves

My pro(ae)sthetic arms - parts I and II” Pablo Alvez Artinprocess feat. Mickaël Elias

My prosthetic arms. My pro-aesthetic arms. Arms that embrace me, arms that I embrace. Arms that limit me, arms that allow me to go further. A Work In Progress which will never become Work. An experiment and an essay in material performance. A performance that, once again, is about almost almost almost nothing - even more than in previous occasions. Somewhere between "rien" and "n'importe quoi", a materialised reflection on Derrida's "Le Toucher. Jean-Luc Nancy" and, as always, touching "Totalité et Infini" by Levinas.

Nitzan Lederman and Ayelet Yekutiel

'Surreal Body'​- Work in progress showing.

We use fluid and resilient transitions between realities, the concrete and the imagined, hoping to allow an expansion in our perceptions of the present moment. Weaving dances and audience inside a huge, elastic dream catcher.

We invite you to an interdependent performance, as an active audience, in our presentation of work in progress.

Alessia Wyss Laboratoire - extrait -Naturalizaçào

de et avec : Alessia Wyss, Cindy Sechet, Anne-Marie Dehon et Matthias Cadario
"Così parlò Zarathustra è il balletto di un'umanità che ha perduto i suoi gesti. E quando l'epoca se ne accorse, allora (...) cominciò il precipitoso tentativo di recuperare in extremis i gesti perduti"Giorgio Agamben, Mezzi senza fine
"Ainsi parlait Zarathoustra est le ballet d’une humanité qui a perdu ses gestes. Et lorsque l’époque s’en aperçut, alors (...) commença la tentative précipitée de récupérer in extremis les gestes perdus"Giorgio Agamben, Moyen sans fin
"Thus Spake Zarathustra is the ballet of a humankind that has lost its gestures. And when the age realized this, it then began (...) the precipitons attempt to recover the lost gestures in extremis."Giorgio Agamben, Means Without End