Program 25 February

Five times
Dóra Benyó is using the whispering game as a starting point for her performance. The performers will follow her instructions. The first one reads them from a paper and translates them into actions and positions. Each following performer observes and copies the postures of what they just have seen before. This results in a chain of interactions. Same as in the whisper game the last act will be different from the previous one. For their process of communication they will use their body, spoken word and a ladder.

a duet of dance Gabrielle Weissen and saxophone baritone Mathieu Lilin and we would like to perform at stage flavour.
Our work is completely based on improvisation.
The performance's duration is about 20 minutes

Research presentation of Nobody's Business a - C
with Dalton Valerio, Marilena Lolou, Stef Meul and others.
date: Saturday 25 February at 20h30
entrance: free donation
venue: The New Space
Rue De Fierlant 99,
1190 Brussels